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September 8, 2009 / Mark Kerrigan

With Help, There’s More to Life After Brain Injury Than Simple Survival!

Some of the major issues traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors are the mental problems that often go unnoticed by the typical non-head injured person. This video helps show TBI survivors, stroke victims, motor vehicle accident survivors, head injury survivors, etc… Even though I’ve had a brain injury, and have experienced some of what they talk about in the video, I realize now why I may be more prone to stick my foot in my mouth or say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. To those who know me personally: Have you noticed that I say inappropriate things at times? I’d like to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Philippe / Sep 9 2009 11:44 pm

    Stay tuned for up-and-coming short episodes of our 52 min documentary (episodes 1 to 6 now online): ALICIA was a promising 18-year-old drama student when she sustained brain damage in a near fatal car accident. This documentary traces her recovery and her determination to live a full life. Her response to her disability was to start a theatre group and become an active member of the community. She also works to raise public awareness about people with brain damage. Before the accident Alicia was called Jane. She changed her name to symbolise her new life after recovery.

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