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September 15, 2009 / Mark Kerrigan

How Much Do We Change? More Than You Know!

When someone sustains a head injury, especially a traumatic brain injury, it does change him. It doesn’t matter if the brain injury is a result of a motor vehicle crash, a stroke, hypoxia during surgery, or a fall, the result is the same–the injured brain is not the same as it was prior to the incident. That’s what the occupational therapist said at Timber Ridge Ranch–a neuro rehab.

“You’re going to think people around you have changed. But let me tell you, YOU CHANGE!” I didn’t realize the truth to that statement when she said it, and I still have yet to understand it fully.

The issue here is to realize that those who suffer brain injury have and will change to some degree for the rest of their recovery. Families of brain injury survivors need to have courage and patience to endure the changes.


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