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September 17, 2009 / Mark Kerrigan

You Cannot Give Up!

Very often, when people see a head injury survivor early on in her recovery, the first question they ask is “What’s wrong with you?” But just because you–we–are not like the people who are around us doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with us. After brain trauma, we should have one thing on our minds: How do I get better?

Did you get that? I said better, not back to what we had known as “normal.” As the Alicia videos have shown, we all change after acquiring a head injury.

The video I’m showing you is of a very brave and tenacious woman who has sustained a traumatic brain injury. The theme of this video is never to give up. As a head injury survivor, I can tell you that this is the mantra we all must have. Never Give Up! It may be difficult–downright hard at times–but rather than thinking about how you were or how you could be, you should think, “Well, that’s better than yesterday, and I wonder how well I’ll do tomorrow!”


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