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May 17, 2010 / Mark Kerrigan

Recovery from the Nashville Flood 2010

Most people outside Middle-Tennessee probably don’t know that Nashville had the worst flood we’ve had here probably ever just two weeks ago. Through the grace of God, our house was spared, thousands of other Nashvillians were not so lucky.

It had rained so much on May 1st and 2nd that an entire interstate had to be closed because it was flooded.

We first heard that people were forced out of their homes via the news Sunday night and on into Monday. It was really hard to feel the impact from the comfort of our dry living room–especially since we weren’t familiar with the areas hardest hit. But Tuesday morning, after my wife went to work and I got our son situated at a friend’s house, I drove out to what easily could have been mistaken for New Orleans after Katrina in ’05.

By the time I got to River Plantation in Bellevue, it looked like the pictures from New Orleans after the water had receded. People were carrying furniture, books, clothes, boxes of treasured memories and electronics out the the street to leave them for Public Works’ Crews.

Still somewhat in shock by what I was seeing, I entered the condo of a woman I know from church. The power was out, and even though the sun was bright outside, the interior of the home was so  silt- and mud-covered that everything had a chocolate-colored hue to it. In my friend’s home-office, you could tell by the pieces of mulch stuck to the wall how high the water had gotten. Fifty-seven inches from the floor.

So both sheets of drywall–each being 48 inches wide–would have to come out, but first we needed to focus on getting the furniture out and seeing if anything was salvageable. In the living room, the pride and joy of my friend was an upright piano which had floated just long enough for the weight to shift and sink back down to the floor on its side. That was going to be a chore to move, and there was plenty of other things to keep us busy for the time being…


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