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June 18, 2010 / Mark Kerrigan

Pain and what to do about it:

It’s no secret, I’m overweight and have Osteoarthritis in my knees and hips. So I decided to try to do get some exercise to bring my weight down. For some reason, I’ve been waking at or before 5 am most days, and then I start my 20-30 minute walk on the treadmill. Sounds great, right?

The problem is that my gait, is a bit strange and awkward. As I walk, my left foot kind of looks like it’s not sure where to go. I pronate–or roll my foot to the outside–and that, along with my extra 50 pounds, has worn out the cartilage in my left hip. This makes it almost unbearable to run, difficult to walk long distances, and generally dampens my mood.

Just a moment ago, I searched Medpedia for some answers or suggestions about what I can do to ease the chronic pain I endure. I was almost thrilled to find out that someone who is a good bit older than I asked almost the identical question! In reply to him, another member quoted a medical article on the Scripps website. In the article, I read that “In fact, for every one pound of weight loss, there is a four pound reduction in the load exerted on the joints.”

And that an overweight person losing 15 lbs can cut knee pain in half! This news provides me with the incentive to lose weight more than before. My doctors have told me for years that if I lost weight, my hips and knees would quit hurting, and I’ve always known that, but have difficulty resisting the bag of Oreos or carton of ice cream after dinner.

With the knowledge gained from the Scripps site, I will be able to steel myself against the temptations of sweets. I’ll let you know how much I lose and if my hips are feeling any better in a future post.



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  1. Kevan Henson / Jun 19 2010 5:52 am

    I don’t have then same problem that you do because I am not overweight,however,I have lived with the dehabilitating effects of a severe tbi which I suffered in 1969 when I was 17 years old.ultra-mega-depression,ultra-mega-anxiety,multiple personalities,and post-traumatic-stress-syndrome are just a few of the emotional abnormalities that I have to deal with on a daily basis.I still get angry when I feel that life is being unfair,I still get frustrated easily when I feel that life is being unfair,and these 2 problems make it very hard for me to understand that Jesus loves me very much.He loved me enouph to where he died on the cross for me.I want to emphasize the importance of understanding that just because we have physical and emotional problems doesn’t mean that we cannot be well spiritually.

    Someday,we will have the opportunity to trade in our old bodies that will be,because of our sins,unfit for heaven for new bodies that will be as pure as snow.Give Jesus the opportunity to introduce himself to you and to reveal his wonderful plan for your life.Amen!

    I am not perfect yet,but with Christ’s help’someday I will be.

    It’s the promise that Christ gave to me in the Bible that he will return and reestablish his kingdom on earth thaat has kept me from blowing my brains out.I want to be around to see the day that Glory arrives on this earth.

    Since I met Christ a few years ago,I have this tremendous need to share him with “TBI’s” everywhere.I am praying that God will allow me to be able to touch thousands of people just like yourself and to spread the message that Jesus is coming again and that we must eagerly await him.Amen!

    Kevan t. Henson


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