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March 14, 2011 / Mark Kerrigan

TBI Survivor Sings Star Spangled Banner at 2011 Brain Injury Conference

March 11th was the 22nd annual brain injury conference hosted by the Brain Injury Association of Tennessee! Here’s the video of how we started the day!



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  1. kevan / Mar 15 2011 4:48 am

    When I wqas 17 yrs old,I fell while mountain climbing in Colorade. I slid approximately .25 of a mile down the lower north slope of Mnt. Antero hitting my head on several big rocks on the way down. My brain was severely bruised in4 different locations,there was a blood-clot(hepiduralhematoma) on the left cerebral lobe,my right lung was partially collapsedandmy left lung had pneumonia in it. I laid for 6 hours(unconciuos) for 6 hrs while waiting for the rescue squad to carry me down off of the mountain. I laid on a gurney in the hospital (without life support) for another5 hours before I was transpoted to Penrose hospital in Colorado Springs,co. Dr. Presti was the surgeon in cgarge if me.
    first of all they had to do a trach on me,then they reinflated my right lung,ridded my left lung of pneumonia,and drained the blood-clot on my brain.then Dr. Presti (gifted neurologist) put my brain back in its’ proper place.I spent 10 days in a coma.

    • onthemarkwriting / Mar 15 2011 9:07 pm

      Wow! That is amazing and you have done so well in your recovery! I pray that you will find what you NEED for what God has in stew for you.

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