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August 8, 2011 / Mark Kerrigan

You Can Really Improve Your Brain!!!

Neuroplasticity is something that is becoming a buzzword around our office. What is it, you ask? Neuroplasticity is the ability that your brain, no matter how good or bad it is at the current state, has to change how it works. I first came across the term when I ran up on an article about “self directed neuroplasticity.”

I realized that neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to restructure itself and make the connections faster than what they are right now. For instance, if someone sustains a brain injury as a result of a stroke or fall, he or she may experience a problem finding the right words. For example, the survivor may call a door an umbrella or vice-versa, or sometimes he cannot find the word at all. Experiencing this is called having aphasia.

Because of the brain’s potential to “rewire” itself, after some period of time, the aphasia may lessen or disappear all together. Did you know that most people only use between two and five percent of their brain’s potential? So there’s a plethora of unused axons or connections between the more than 100 Billion (with a B) neurons or brain cells to form a new pathway for learning a new language or to form shapes from a folded piece of paper.

We can learn to play the piano with the best of them–as long as we can put in enough time… The brain is an amazing organ, and no computer or supercomputer has ever been, or will ever be, as powerful as the human brain. Whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. Just change your focus to be on your goal, and you will be amazed in no time! Good luck.


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