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February 9, 2013 / Mark Kerrigan

Top 5 ways to prevent a brain injury

About 10 months ago, the son a good friend got a concussion during a soccer game. What happened, you say? He was playing keeper, and a player from the opposing team kicked him just below his mouth, and wham! A concussion happened.
So I decided to write about ways YOU can prevent yourself of someone you love from getting a brain injury. And yes, a concussion IS a brain injury!
1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear you seatbelt in the car, both the shoulder harness and the lap belt. I was involved in a car wreck in December 2012 and had. I not been wearing my seatbelt, I would be dead. I cannot stress this enough. Not only is it the law, but it’s also smart–and sexy!
2. Always wear a helmet on a bicycle. This is only slightly less important than rule number one. For that matter, any time your not on your own two feet–skateboard, in-line/ice skates, horse, etc….–wear a helmet.
3. Drive the speed limit. When you drive even five miles per hour over the posted speed limit, you increase the chance of having an accident, and possibly a brain injury, by 24 percent, according to USAA.
4. Be sensible about the chances you do take. Don’t be foolish by taking chances that would give Evel Knievel reason to pause.
5. If you eat meat, make sure it’s cooked to the recommended temperature. I knew of a man in California who contracted a parasite which moved through his bloodstream and began eating his brain all because he ate some pork which wasn’t fully cooked. No lie, he got a parasite from uncooked pork.
Well, I hope that last tip didn’t gross you out too badly, and I hope that you learned some ways to keep your brain safe.
Thanks for your time.



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