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February 16, 2013 / Mark Kerrigan

Catching more flies with honey


20130216-061152.jpgMost people don’t think that I have a problem with excessive anger. But I do. I typically don’t like to show it out in public but there’ve been times when I’ve totally lost it.
In December 2010, I had to have my front tooth pulled before my hip surgeries (which are totally amazing and I’ve been pain free after about six months post surgery).
I’m in the final steps to getting my implant and crown done, so it was infuriating with all the delays and problems I’ve experienced.
So yesterday, I went to my appointment to have the impressions done–where the sales rep (Nate Powell) from the company which makes the abutments was waiting to make sure all went smoothly.
My dentist had me open up, and they discovered that the parts Nate had brought (which were three different sizes) were all the wrong diameter! Shit!
So Nate and Dr. Bare stepped out of the room and got on the phone with the people who are making my crown. Then Nate came back in and gave me his “sincerest apologies,” explaining to me that this sort of thing sometimes happens, but that he was going to make things right.
Taking the opportunity to add a sense of urgency to getting my tooth, I told both Nate and Dr. Bare that my 14th anniversary is on March 27th and that I was really hoping that I’d have a tooth by then. The two guys assured me that I would have a tooth by then. I’ll let you know.
But the major thing that I learned from this ordeal is that I needed to keep my anger in check. If I had gotten pissed off because I things weren’t going as planned, I wouldn’t have gotten half as far as I did. As it turned out, Nate bought me a cup of coffee and accompanied me to the oral surgery clinic for me to have some procedure done. Afterward, we went back to Dr. Bare’s office to set up an appointment for me to return for them to take the impressions. Dr. Bare works a half-day on Fridays, so the receptionist asked me if I wanted her to go check with him to see if he could get me in before March 2nd–which was the first opening on the schedule. “Yeah, go check,” I told her.
Dr. Bare emerged from the back a couple of moments later.
“Guy,” he said, “I can’t do anything for at least two weeks.” I pointed at Nate indicating that he gave the okay for the date I selected. Nate told the dentist that the oral surgeon was able to do a less invasive procedure than they both thought needed to be done.
So Doc Bare acquiesced and agreed that I could come in on the 22nd, at which time the receptionist spoke up and said, “You don’t have anything on the 22nd.”
“Just put him in,” Dr. Bare said. “If you need to, double-book him and put ‘per Dr. Bare.”
Do you think I could have gotten such preferential treatment if I had been I jackass? I THINK NOT!!!


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